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The Ninth Floor



 The Ninth Floor documents a group of addicts who moved into the apartment of a former millionaire in a wealthy neighborhood in downtown Manhattan. Joe Smith, in his mid 60s, allowed a young addict to move into a spare bedroom in his large three-bedroom apartment in hopes of gaining rent. Several years later, a fully addicted Joe no longer had a bedroom and as many as 12 to 15 young addicts stayed at any given time. All electricity and hot water had been turned off and anything valuable had long been sold to feed habits.


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"The drug revolution that no one can stop"




What can we do about it? The drugs and the technology and the culture have all mutated to take advantage of their environment, but our policies have remained static for many decades. Instead of constricting supply, drug laws focused on a group of well-known chemicals have simply pushed users towards new and increasingly dangerous forms of chemical stimulation. And now attempts to enforce the law simply encourage greater, riskier innovation—and no one now knows where that will take us.

Caldicott offers an analogy: “Let’s see drugs as an illness, and prohibition as an antibiotic. If you treated any illness with the same antibiotic for 50 years, medical people would be stunned if resistance hadn’t developed.”

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I miss stuff...


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Criminally Misleading



Isto é o mesmo que dizer Gás Mostarda cria falta de ar.

"The government is considering outlawing a range of legal drugs that apparently mimic the effects of substances such as ecstasy and cannabis.

The move follows concerns in the US about a drug called Salvia divinorum(...)

The psychoactive herb - sold legally in the UK over the internet and in "head shops", retailers specialising in the sale of drug paraphernalia - is said to provoke uncontrollable laughter and evoke childhood memories.

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