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House Porn



"While the ground floor has no windows as it was especially developed for storing books, the upper level is open towards the inspiring natural environment.

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House Porn


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Marc da Cunha Lopes - "SKLT"


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Robert Konieczny - Safe House




The construction is a concrete monolith. Only the movable elements are made in light steel structure. Both concrete and steel walls are insulated with rock wool, and covered with 15 mm slabs of waterproof alder plywood, that was stained to darker tone, in order to make the house look alike the other buildings in the surroundings. The fence, that unites with the movable walls, is the same 2.2 m high, and is covered with an identical dark plywood. The interior, to stay in contrast, is kept in white. The floors are made of concrete and whitewashed oak. The walls and ceilings are finished with concrete and whitewashed cement plates.

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Alberto Campo Baeza"Blas House"



"De Blas House is placed at the crest of a north faced hill with views to the mountains near Madrid. The house consists of concrete box build as a platform with a transparent glass box roofed by delicate and light steel structure painted in white on it. The poured-in-place concrete box like a cave houses the living areas of a traditional house separated for private and public spaces."

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"‘House On The Water’ by formodesign"




The two Polish architects Jedrzej Lewandowski and Lukasz Skirzynski of formodesign recently presented their proposal for a ‘House on the Water’. The extraordinary design of the self-sufficient two familiy house was a result of research on yacht architecture. “The core is made of concrete and combined with steel cantilever structures. The foundation for the house is a concrete counterweight foot stabilised with the sea bed pile system”, the architects explain.


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Pontes como deviam ser sempre




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This is Hardcore




Do yourself a favor e vão ver as outras

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A place to call my own



The Cement Factory loft, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill’s legendary and unusual live/work complex in Barcelona. Originally, the space was, in fact, a cement factory but it also resembles a cathedral with its high, narrow windows and gothic-style arches.

Today, the factory serves as Ricardo’s personal home, as well as offices, laboratories, and a venue for exhibitions, lectures, and concerts.

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" tham & videgard hansson arkitekts: apartment at humlegarden, stockholm"



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