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Histórias de familia



She said 'punch me in the stomach' I said girl I do not know,
if I punch you in the stomach that our child inside will not grow.

She said 'if you truly love me you'll do this thing for me,'
so I punched her in the stomach and she fell down to both of her knees.

There's a goose walkin' over my grave
There's a goose walkin' over my grave

We went on down the mountain we paid up for the country fair,
all the men they spied her flat gut and the women sent birds up to air.

Then we found ourselves a half-breed to tell us our fortune today,
he painted my hands a deep dark red said, 'now boy you know you gotta pay.'

Well she spat and she swore she ground all her teeth then she swolled up all her veins,
She said, 'mister for claimin' all that ya know don't you know my brother's bird brained!'
'Whoah back up girl didn't you heat the half-breed, sayin' somethin' bout... well I don't know'
She pulled me away by my goosefleshed flesh, she's too late I caught up to my slow.

We went back up the mountain we sat down upon our front porch,
And come yonder carryin' a bucket was our dead child doin' his chores.

So we drunk down a bucket of chokecherry wine and she dunked her thumbs inside,
With her thumbs dyed red she grabbed my head and she gouged out both of mine eyes.

There's a goose walkin' over my grave
There's a goose walkin' over my grave

So I drug her down the mountain, turned her over to the town youths.
As she lay there squiblin' and squablin' I said 'girl now your my goose.'
Then she crawled up to me on her bloody red knees and said, 'why did you do this to me?'
I said 'sister let me tell you what you do not know, I was blind but now I can see.'

“I was blind but now I can see”

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