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Jeff Vande Zande - "The Dont's (an incomplete list)




"Don't let your cell phone rest

against your ear or any other body part. Don't use the same ear

For every conversation. Don't use your cell phone

while you're driving

since it must continnualy reconnect with antennas,

which uses more power,

and the signal is reflected by the metal around you.


All of the above doubles the chances for salivary glands anomalies, gliomas

and acoustic tumors.


Don't own a cell phone.

Never leave the house

without a cell phone

because you never know when you'll need someone.


Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT's)

constantly emit radiation.


Try never to use one while you are using one.


Don't use computers, printes, iPhones, iTouches, Blackberries, etc.

Wireless signals are a source of electromagnetic radiation.


Don't doubt the truth of this; Google it for yourself.

Don't ever use the internet.

Every search you execute exposes you to viruses.


Even if you don't have wireless

service, don't leave your Wifi setting in the on position;

the device will emit electromagnetic energy

in a continuous search

for the nearest available router.


Don't own a computer.


try never to breathe on Ozone Alert days.


Don't stand within twenty feet of an operating microwave.


Don't believe you're safe.


Set your cell phone inside your microwave.

to test it for radiation leakage. Call it.

with another cell phone. If you can hear it ringing,

it means that microwaves can pass through the walls

of your microwave oven.


Don't microwave

your cell phone.

Don't own a microwave.


Don't forget to microwave leftovers to kill bacteria. Try not eat leftovers.

Don't waste food.


If can help it, don't eat.


Don't own a a plasma TV

which generate high levels

of dirty electricity,

linked to fatigue,


difficulty concentrating

and cardiac symptoms

in sensitive people


(known as electrohypersensitivity).


Don't forget to watch programs on your plasma TV about household safety.


Dont, if you can avoid them, own a television or a home.


Don't put your feet up while relaxing; we don't know why yet, just don't.

don't forget to try to relax.

Don't do anything stressful.


Don't forget that stress is a sign that you're probably living.


Don't wake up; don't sleep.

Don't do anything that feels good.

Don't do anything that feels bad.

Don't do anything.


Don't forget to breathe.                          Don't forget to eat vegetables.


Don't forget to t remember that the fertilizers they use to grow vegetables can leave

trace amounts of carcinogenic nitrates in those salads you eat.


Don't forget there's nothing you can do about any of this.


This poem is already outdated.

This poem will never get old.

Don't try to avoid reading this; it could save you.

Don't ever read this's a proven killer."


Rattle, edição impressa, nº 36

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