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Hayden Saunier - "The One and the Other"



"The childs hums as he carries, too late,

the grandmother's sugar-dusted lemon-glazed cake.


down the street to the neighbor who needs to be cheered,

too late for the neighbor


who's stepped into the air

of her silent front hall from a ladder-backed chair


her church dress just pressed, her head in a loop she tied into the clothesline, too late


he unlatches the gate,

walks up the brick walk on his tiptoes, avoiding the cracks


toward the door she unlocked, left ajar, who know why,

or for whom, if on purpose


or not, because he's too late

she's gonne still when he reaches the door and because


he's too late, as he calls out and looks, brilliant sun

burns through the haze


pours through sidelights and bevels

through chandelier prisms, strikes white sparks and purples


on ceiling and walls, on the overturned chair, on her stockings

her brown and white


spectator shoes on the floor

and because it's too late he remembers both terror and beauty


but not which came first. But enough of the one

that he ran


and enough of the other

to carefully lay down the cake at her feet."


Rattle, versão impressa, nº 36


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