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Taede Smedes’ project concerns the debate on science and religion, more
specifically, modern physics and religion. Relevant questions are: what impact
modern physics could possibly have on religion? Is there something in religion
which modern physics can or could clarify? Is there some veil modern physics
could lift from the religious? Another question is whether modern physics could
serve as an explanatory model for some religious accounts, as a metaphor, or as
an ‘extension to our linguistic language’? According to Smedes, physical theories
have been used in order to achieve such aims and he analyzes some of these
approaches. He chose John Polkinghorne and Arthur Peacocke’s explanations of
how divine action can be understood.
 Since, according to his critical realism, epistemology models ontology, epistemological
uncertainties (chaos) imply ontological openness, making the world an
open system. Furthermore, since there are ontological holes at the micro level
of quantum mechanics as well as at the macro level of everyday experience, and
since chaotic systems never can be overcome but only slightly diminished, there
are genuine gaps in the texture of reality and these may allow God to act in the
world. Top-down divine action meets bottom-up natural processes.

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