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This is Objectúm-sexuality


Só consigo perceber isto como uma versão sexual de afirmações como "I Listen to bands that do not even exist yet".

Mas, por outro lado, tenho a certeza que esta senhora é sincera; que está falar muito a sério e do coração ... e isso põe-me triste.




It is simply to be emotionally and sexually attracted to OBJECTS, things - not human beings or similar, but if you would have any chance to understand this, or get a true picture of it, I think it is very important to know the back-ground, and the ground ideas of persons who are objectúm-sexual: We believe that all objects (things) are LIVING and having a SOUL, (Animism). I think that is very important to see objects as living, if one should be able to fall in love with an object. I have met several people who are of the same, and more people than you might would think, believe in Animism, that also objects are living things and having a soul.


Obrigado Rita.

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