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O Capitalismo nunca toma banho duas vezes no mesmo rio



"However, markets are merely a more deliberate, developed and numerically explicit implementation of the natural methods of exchange that characterize all social groups. All societies have elaborate tagging and typing conventions to ensure that the appropriate exchanges take place. At the core of these social exchange systems are kinship systems that evolved over tens of thousands of years to support the stable exchange of goods and to form coalitions for defense and warfare. To decode the tagging conventions of kinship systems is to understand how a culture governs its primary exchange systems.

The "currency" of kinship-based exchange systems is a set of codified obligations and ritualized exchanges. The exchange between parties is not set by price but by fixed conventions and role relationships. In contemporary organizations such as corporations and bureaucracies, exchange systems are no longer governed by kinship tags, but by legal, professional, and operational tags that can also carry their own legal requirements  and privileges. Exchange systems are ubiquitous and fundamental to all forms of social organization.

Formal exchange systems and tags, however, tend to become dated, out of touch, and dysfunctional, Under such circumstances, informal systems ofter emerge from below and self-organize to fill the void. Such informal networks have their own rules and tags and are often not even acknowledged by the official organization. The challenge is to recognize that this is a natural process and that tagging systems are being invented and abandoned all the time. Rather thah fight this process, companies should capture it and cultivate it it to their desired ends."


John Henry Clippinger III

"The Biology of Business. Decoding the Natural Laws of Enterprise."



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