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"The Astounding Link Between the P≠NP Problem and the Quantum Nature of Universe"



 The paradox comes about because the radioactive decay is a quantum process and so in a superposition of states until observed. The radioactive atom is both decayed and undecayed at the same time.

But that means the cat must also be in a superposition of alive and dead states until the box is open and the system is observed. In other words, the cat must be both dead and alive at the same time.

Nobody knows why we don’t observe these kinds of strange superpositions in the macroscopic world. For some reason, quantum mechanics just doesn’t work on that scale. And therein lies the mystery, one of the greatest in science.

(...)Bolotin then goes on to show that the problem of solving the Schrödinger equation is at least as hard or harder than any problem in the NP class. This makes it equivalent to many other head-scratchers such as the travelling salesman problem. Computational complexity theorists call these problems NP-hard.


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