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Erik Campbell - "Mysterious Farang*"


Because she worries
About his motivations and why,


At night, he habitually drops
His keys in the hall, my wife


Is investigating our neighbor,
The mysterious Farang. She plans


To collect the Bangkok Posts that he
Leaves like bled corpses outside his door


(We decided to read them one night,
Pinch them since we were poor,


And found holes in the paper, squares
Of anti-news there); she suggests


We budget, skip the afternoon’s rice
Buy the paper every night and match


The holes in his with the wholeness
Of ours in order to discover his penchants,


Where his mind meets his scissors
What he pauses for.


“Before long,” my wife tells me,
“I’ll be holding his keys!”


Then we’ll be free
To move on to larger mysteries.




* “Farang” is phonetic Thai for “foreigner of European descent.”

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