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Ponderous thoughts


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It's true. It doesn't


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Jeff Vande Zande - "The Dont's (an incomplete list)




"Don't let your cell phone rest

against your ear or any other body part. Don't use the same ear

For every conversation. Don't use your cell phone

while you're driving

since it must continnualy reconnect with antennas,

which uses more power,

and the signal is reflected by the metal around you.


All of the above doubles the chances for salivary glands anomalies, gliomas

and acoustic tumors.


Don't own a cell phone.

Never leave the house

without a cell phone

because you never know when you'll need someone.


Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT's)

constantly emit radiation.


Try never to use one while you are using one.


Don't use computers, printes, iPhones, iTouches, Blackberries, etc.

Wireless signals are a source of electromagnetic radiation.


Don't doubt the truth of this; Google it for yourself.

Don't ever use the internet.

Every search you execute exposes you to viruses.


Even if you don't have wireless

service, don't leave your Wifi setting in the on position;

the device will emit electromagnetic energy

in a continuous search

for the nearest available router.


Don't own a computer.


try never to breathe on Ozone Alert days.


Don't stand within twenty feet of an operating microwave.


Don't believe you're safe.


Set your cell phone inside your microwave.

to test it for radiation leakage. Call it.

with another cell phone. If you can hear it ringing,

it means that microwaves can pass through the walls

of your microwave oven.


Don't microwave

your cell phone.

Don't own a microwave.


Don't forget to microwave leftovers to kill bacteria. Try not eat leftovers.

Don't waste food.


If can help it, don't eat.


Don't own a a plasma TV

which generate high levels

of dirty electricity,

linked to fatigue,


difficulty concentrating

and cardiac symptoms

in sensitive people


(known as electrohypersensitivity).


Don't forget to watch programs on your plasma TV about household safety.


Dont, if you can avoid them, own a television or a home.


Don't put your feet up while relaxing; we don't know why yet, just don't.

don't forget to try to relax.

Don't do anything stressful.


Don't forget that stress is a sign that you're probably living.


Don't wake up; don't sleep.

Don't do anything that feels good.

Don't do anything that feels bad.

Don't do anything.


Don't forget to breathe.                          Don't forget to eat vegetables.


Don't forget to t remember that the fertilizers they use to grow vegetables can leave

trace amounts of carcinogenic nitrates in those salads you eat.


Don't forget there's nothing you can do about any of this.


This poem is already outdated.

This poem will never get old.

Don't try to avoid reading this; it could save you.

Don't ever read this's a proven killer."


Rattle, edição impressa, nº 36

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Prog Rock meets Hip-Hop meets a shitload of drugs


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Hayden Saunier - "The One and the Other"



"The childs hums as he carries, too late,

the grandmother's sugar-dusted lemon-glazed cake.


down the street to the neighbor who needs to be cheered,

too late for the neighbor


who's stepped into the air

of her silent front hall from a ladder-backed chair


her church dress just pressed, her head in a loop she tied into the clothesline, too late


he unlatches the gate,

walks up the brick walk on his tiptoes, avoiding the cracks


toward the door she unlocked, left ajar, who know why,

or for whom, if on purpose


or not, because he's too late

she's gonne still when he reaches the door and because


he's too late, as he calls out and looks, brilliant sun

burns through the haze


pours through sidelights and bevels

through chandelier prisms, strikes white sparks and purples


on ceiling and walls, on the overturned chair, on her stockings

her brown and white


spectator shoes on the floor

and because it's too late he remembers both terror and beauty


but not which came first. But enough of the one

that he ran


and enough of the other

to carefully lay down the cake at her feet."


Rattle, versão impressa, nº 36


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Virginia Slackman - "Blue Hand"




"Today at the glass factory I fell in love with a blue-veined reticulated glass

hand. Heavy, cold and translucent, it is not a hand held out in love of or forgiveness.This hand is simply a hand, simply itself


devoid of intention, I admire most, beyond its heft and cool

presence, its detachment. As was Kant; his devotion do desinterest


Spawns beauty like Athena sprung from the head of Zeus. Across the way

men with overalls dismantle an old house-whining power tools

mix with wood's hollow call. I should be reading


Lorca but instead I'm flipping through a book on ornament, page after page of hand-wrought symmetry in gilt and finely wrought intricacies;

the knots, the flowers, the pendulous, hanging and spotted


pointillistic moments of pure color  and form. Today I sent my daughter a new pair of gloves-black, supple leather with a cashmere lining. I can still feel the the weight and smoooth elegance of that blue hand, cold


as my mother's the day she died. I wasn't with her though I recall the March day. I make myself picture touching her hands, cool and a little

blue, the veins full of the motionless tide that just seconds before


had rocked to a halt after the pump stilled. For Lorca, the darkenss of death

is the light of the imagination. I'm not sorry to be devoid

of feeling. It's absence leaves the mind's blue light


cool and composed, yet even it struggles against the infinite which is without reason. There is nothing of use to say about our private

losses. The house across the way is now merely mounds of stacked


bricks-clay and straw molded by men gone to dust long before the cool

calculation of economy judged it

extraneous. The book's heft contains millennia we've strived against disorder, constructing geometry's repeatable patterns-

squares the haven of protection, lines the predictable journeys

and a good end; countless lotus baptizing us over and over in pure


radiance. How we make whole the fragments of reason-a vase, a a wall,

a stone relief...things that call to mind

what is lost. My talisman is the body's enactments: a blue hand


standing in a pool of light. And my daughter's-warm, thriving."


Rattle, versão impressa, nº 36

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M.L.Liebler - "Underneath My American Face"




"Gramps, through all the years of layoffs

And callbacks, you worked in

The factory laboring endless

From your first day in Detroit until you retired

From the Dodge Main line 33 years later.


Gramps, I sometimes wondered

What your life could possibly have been

With the exact same breakfast every day at 5:30 a.m.:

Two fried eggs, bacon, toast and coffe with condensed milk.


They say a man is

Measured by his soul.

I did know that yours was dark and blue,

But I never really understood much more

Of who you really were.


Gramps, who loved me more

Than any real father loves a son,

I see you now in an old black & white

Photograph standing next to 

The neighbor's brand new Desoto

And their new small new travel trailer. All the while I knew

You were only dedicated to one woman

Whom you loved for over 50 years.


Gramps, you were always

The one I admired-

You lived exactly what you believed: hard work,

A paycheck to keep life

Balanced and going,

And an occasional, small, treasured kiss.


You never needed much, Gramps, because you knew,

as I am learning now, it was never

About you. How silent

Your joy must have been alone

In your old battered Chysler

That you drove back and forth

To work at the plant-

Like your own life-

It was enough to get you from here to there,

With nothing at all waiting for you

At the end other than a life

Well lived and complete."


Rattle, edição impressa, nº36

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Dangerous stuff


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Heartfelt and Fitting Tribute


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Bleeding heart liberals e porque é dificil não gostar deles.


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