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The Carnival of Being



"I knew i’d heard it before as i fell to the floor and lost sight of the books on the shelf
there is no hard debate there’s no time to wait when you’ve no one to blame but yourself 
you know it’s all arranged the seasons will change ‘cause the sun is in endless decay 
there’s no one in control the earth will revolve a little slower for every day

we’re all stuck in the waltz

forgive me, i failed to ignore your depressions once more and i failed to ignore that you’re here 
it’s just that when we hold hands any brief romance turns a little to fast into fear 
and all the quiet words that we’ve ever heard are the sum of the noises around 
written with glitter glue on a high-heeled shoe is a note praying ‘let me be found’

face it you’re stuck in the waltz 
face it you’re stuck in the waltz

under the microscope, where we all find hope, you’ll see nothing but your last defeat 
and as the silence grows only silence knows it gets greater for every beat 
i hear the pulse of the drum like dead bones against stone; he’s been caught stealing it from a friend 
now every single tone is a haunting moan, repeating the same tune again

face it, you’re stuck in the waltz, stuck in the waltz 
face it you’re stuck in the waltz, we’re all stuck in the waltz"




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