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"Their calculations depend on M-theory, a branch of string theory that posits the existence of at least ten to eleven dimensions, the majority of which are hidden from our comprehension. Although M-theory is seriously complex and not easily summarized, for our purposes we just need to know that, in general, these hidden dimensions generally don't interact with those that we experience, although some forces such as gravity are predicted to bleed between them. Indeed, this is why some physicists predict the LHC's incredibly high energy collisions will create short-lived micro black holes, which would be remnants of the interactions with extra dimensions.

With the Higgs singlet, the idea is that it would only exist in the fifth dimension, and that means it wouldn't be bound by any of the dimensions of our universe, including time. When the Higgs singlet decays into more ordinary particles, these would be deposited back into our normal universe, but - and here's the crucial bit - they would be detected at a completely arbitrary time.

Theoretically, the LHC could create a Higgs singlet whose decay particles appeared at the exact same moment it was created, or they might not be detected for another 10,000 years (that might be a little extreme, but you get the point), or - and this is the really intriguing part - the decay particles could be detected before the singlet itself was even generated."



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