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"Through a glass darkly"



One inquisitor’s manual reports “the heretics professed to believe that there is another new and visible land”.These two worlds mirror one another. In some cases the details of sin and redemption even play out in both places. The Cathar John of Lugio taught that “the good God has another world wherein are people and animals and everything else comparable to the visible and corruptible creatures here; marriages and fornications and adulteries take place there, from which children are born. And what is even more base there the people of the good God, against his command, have taken foreign women to wife, that is, daughters of a strange god or of evil gods, and from such shameful and forbidden intercourse have been born giants and many other beings at various times” “In that land of the living,” and inquisitorwrites, “ there are cities and outside them castles, villages, and woodlands, meadows, pastures, sweet water and salt, beasts of the forest and domestic animals, dogs and birds for the hunt, gold and silver, utensils of various kinds, and furniture ... They shall eat and drink, play and sleep, and do all things just as they do in the world of the present”. It was in this other world that Christ was born and crucified, in which the prophets prophesied, and in which many of the events narrated in the Old Testament took place.

In other cases, this world is the dark image of the better world. “[S]ince there are many ... who pay little heed to the other world and to other created things beyond those visible in this wicked world, which are vain and corruptible, which as surely as they come from nothing shall return to nothing, we say that in truth there exists another world and other, incorruptible and eternal created things. In either case, the work of the good god takes place in the other realm. The story of salvation involves not redemption in and of this world, but merely escape to the other place, where the good god reigns.

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"I wait for the return of everything"



"It happens so slowly,

A bare vine planted

In spring, a trellis bent

By summer flowers-


Mother details a small cloth with

Intricate stitches on a couch

Beside father, watching television,

Flickering and silent.


Brothers on the floor, tussling or

Playing children's games.

Slight wind through lilac near the window,

Code of branches tapping glass.


Father goes into garage

To check on some noise he thinks

Might be plumbing and never comes out.


Mother sets down her needlepoint,

Walks to a closet for more yarn. Never

Returns. Brothers go outside into sunlight,

Birdsongs and disappear at the gate.


I step out the door, push

The sticky screen open-

The neighborhood, the hedges gray,

With road dust, the fire hydrant, painted red

Again last week, disappears.


I wait for the return of everything.

Wait in the darkness without breath

Listening to a million hearts, none

Of which are mine, beating."


Gary Lemmons - "Missing in Action"


Notas do autor sobre o poema: "Regarding the transformation of a clothes closet into a casket, an underwear drawer into a urn, "Missing in Action" estivated many years in my heart where, when winter came, it dug free of that hot organ and now convulses naked in the snow. Meaning that death is a monkey with a calculator up a tree randomly assigning final number of days with an indifferent finger.

The banana I offer him is not enough to coax him to stop. So I offer instead this poem. And for just as long as it takes him to read it, maybe even a little longer, he stops."



Fonte - Revista Rattle, versão impressa

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The Carnival of Being



"I knew i’d heard it before as i fell to the floor and lost sight of the books on the shelf
there is no hard debate there’s no time to wait when you’ve no one to blame but yourself 
you know it’s all arranged the seasons will change ‘cause the sun is in endless decay 
there’s no one in control the earth will revolve a little slower for every day

we’re all stuck in the waltz

forgive me, i failed to ignore your depressions once more and i failed to ignore that you’re here 
it’s just that when we hold hands any brief romance turns a little to fast into fear 
and all the quiet words that we’ve ever heard are the sum of the noises around 
written with glitter glue on a high-heeled shoe is a note praying ‘let me be found’

face it you’re stuck in the waltz 
face it you’re stuck in the waltz

under the microscope, where we all find hope, you’ll see nothing but your last defeat 
and as the silence grows only silence knows it gets greater for every beat 
i hear the pulse of the drum like dead bones against stone; he’s been caught stealing it from a friend 
now every single tone is a haunting moan, repeating the same tune again

face it, you’re stuck in the waltz, stuck in the waltz 
face it you’re stuck in the waltz, we’re all stuck in the waltz"




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21st Century Poetry



"Their calculations depend on M-theory, a branch of string theory that posits the existence of at least ten to eleven dimensions, the majority of which are hidden from our comprehension. Although M-theory is seriously complex and not easily summarized, for our purposes we just need to know that, in general, these hidden dimensions generally don't interact with those that we experience, although some forces such as gravity are predicted to bleed between them. Indeed, this is why some physicists predict the LHC's incredibly high energy collisions will create short-lived micro black holes, which would be remnants of the interactions with extra dimensions.

With the Higgs singlet, the idea is that it would only exist in the fifth dimension, and that means it wouldn't be bound by any of the dimensions of our universe, including time. When the Higgs singlet decays into more ordinary particles, these would be deposited back into our normal universe, but - and here's the crucial bit - they would be detected at a completely arbitrary time.

Theoretically, the LHC could create a Higgs singlet whose decay particles appeared at the exact same moment it was created, or they might not be detected for another 10,000 years (that might be a little extreme, but you get the point), or - and this is the really intriguing part - the decay particles could be detected before the singlet itself was even generated."



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A minha pintarolice preferida



"A strange voice within his mind 
from the calling orb in his hands. 
Spoke of the properties of certain herbs, 
growing wild all across this land."


"Strange voices in my head"; "properties of certain herbs" ... Oh The Sword, is like you know my life so well!

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"I don't have a choice, but I still choose you"


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"Is space like a chessboard?"



"Physicists at UCLA set out to design a better transistor and ended up discovering a new way to think about the structure of space. 
Space is usually considered infinitely divisible — given any two positions, there is always a position halfway between. But in a recent study aimed at developing ultra-fast transistors using graphene, researchers from theUCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy and theCalifornia NanoSystems Institute show that dividing space into discrete locations, like a chessboard, may explain how point-like electrons, which have no finite radius, manage to carry their intrinsic angular momentum, or "spin."
While studying graphene's electronic properties, professor Chris Regan and graduate student Matthew Mecklenburg found that a particle can acquire spin by living in a space with two types of positions — dark tiles and light tiles. The particle seems to spin if the tiles are so close together that their separation cannot be detected.




The electrons in graphene move by hopping from carbon atom to carbon atom, as if hopping on a chessboard. The graphene chessboard tiles are triangular, with the dark tiles pointing "up" and light ones pointing "down."  When an electron in graphene absorbs a photon, it hops from light tiles to dark ones. Mecklenburg and Regan showed that this transition is equivalent to flipping a spin from "up" to "down."
In other words, confining the electrons in graphene to specific, discrete positions in space gives them spin. This spin, which derives from the special geometry of graphene's honeycomb lattice, is in addition to and distinct from the usual spin carried by the electron. In graphene the additional spin reflects the unresolved chessboard-like structure to the space that the electron occupies."


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Gregory Pardlo - "Boethius: "The creator moves the slowest bodies and halts those that are too fast, brings back to the right path those which have strayed."



Even Virgin Mary couldn’t compete with the miracles
performed on dashboards by GPS devices that summon
the heavens for guidance instead of forgiveness. Instead
of blessing we want clairvoyance and the dust bursts of angels
and demons appearing on our shoulders, though we know
they may only goad us into leading either a high or low-speed
chase while America tunes in at home via eyes in the skies.
Used to be the battle of getting there was indeed a tortoise and
hare proposition full of k-turns in stranger’s driveways, but our
omniscient technology has made speed obsolete. Who needs to
hurry when we have a hivemind of newsfeeds, can discern death’s
thumbprint in the marrow of a bone and engineer children who
are elegant and fleet? In the end, James Dean couldn’t outrun
a glacier. Just as the slowest floes preyed timelessly on dinosaurs
and shat their bones, our rockets now speed into the starry
firmament to take orbit on the shoulders of eternity where they
may fill the creator’s ears with our own doubts and provocations.

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O melhor comentário spam que vi até agora


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Cocky motherfucker...

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